About Me

It started when one of my author friends needed an urgent cover because her cover designer bailed on her last minute. I offered to do one as a favour, because I loved her books and I really just didn’t want the book in question to be delayed. She ended up insisting to pay for it, and so it began. I found I quite liked working with her on her covers, and so I decided to maybe work with others as well. It’s been a lot of ups and downs since I started Cover It! Designs something like seven years ago now but this one thing has never changed.

I love working with authors. I adore working with debut authors.

I have no official graphic design training, no degree (tho lately I’ve been looking into it) but I have played around with Photoshop and Illustrator since I was thirteen years old. I made fanart for years, well into my twenties, because it was my way to relax. I used to post it all in an art journal on Livejournal. Along the way I picked up a few tricks, and generally, what I did not know how to do, I learned it fast.

Officially, I have an English language and literature degree, and am currently working on my MA thesis in International relations (I know, I’m all over the place but I see that as a good thing!) I also work a full time job.

What really interests me in graphic design is minimalism. If you notice a lot of negative space on my covers, this is why it’s there. In general I don’t like creating scene covers because they are too busy. I like to look at simple, but strong things, and I like to create them as well. It mostly shows in my premade covers, this preference in style, because I have the most freedom to do what I want with them.

Cover It! Designs was created as an effort to deliver high quality book covers at a reasonable price to self-published authors. I actually created it with debut authors in mind. The first book cover is very important in an author’s life and I so wanted to be a part of it, and every time I have been part of it I’ve appreciated it more than I can explain in words. I now have over 7 years experience working in book design, and am looking forward to many many years of working with authors and in the industry I absolutely love!