Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact you and what happens when I do?

You can e-mail me (find the little envelope icon on top of this page, or through my Contact page) or you can contact me through a private message on my Facebook page.
Please keep in mind that I may be slower to respond over the weekend. Work days are always the best to contact me. If I don’t respond within a few days, pretty please contact me through my Facebook page.

Please click here to download a cover design brief that I have prepared for you. When you contact me, it would be good to send it filled out.

I would also appreciate it if you include the cover reveal/book release date, or any other deadlines I would have to meet in your e-mail/message. If you do not share your cover reveal date with me, I cannot be held responsible for having to postpone it or not meeting that deadline. These are the things you have to communicate with me as it happens. Two, three days deadline won’t do.

After we’ve booked a spot in my schedule for your cover, it would be best to contact me again around the time we’re slotted to do your cover.
If you should decide that I wasn’t the best choice for your cover design, then I kindly ask you to inform me a few weeks prior. No-shows will be treated as cancellations.

It says you are booking insert month here. Does this mean you start working on my cover or you will have the cover finished by that time?

If my website says I am currently booking for e.g. January it means I start working on your cover during the month of January.
I book the month as I go, which means you would still have to contact me to see when exactly during the month your cover would be scheduled.

How much time will it take to get my cover?

I work fast, but I reserve a month’s time to get your design done (for example, a cover needing very specific image that needs to be created out of several stock photos will take a while for sure).
After the final design is approved, I can get it done in a day or two.

*Fantasy/sci-fi/dystopian/horror covers will definitely take longer, so it’s just safer if you contact me about those well ahead of your cover reveal/book release.

I have book release/cover reveal within the next two weeks. Can I contact you about it?

If you have your cover photo, rough idea, blurb and title ready, I can probably fit you in straight away, or within a few days.

Otherwise, no. Shifting my schedule around is an impossible task and I don’t want to promise things I can’t deliver on.

How many changes can I make to the design?

Unlimited changes during the design process. I really just want you to be happy with your cover, and am happy to work on it with you for as long as it takes. I like authors participating with input, so I keep them involved in the design process. Please don’t worry about offending me/hurting my feelings or whatever and tell me exactly what you think and like and dislike about the design. I do tend to gravitate towards darker colours so I need you to keep me in check if you feel that is not the way your cover should go.

Once the final design is approved and all the final files are done, any changes after that one will cost $49.99.

Please keep in mind that I keep the original cover files for up to three (3) years since the date the cover files were first generated. In case your files have been purged, I cannot make any changes to the cover for free, if at all.

How/when do I pay?

All payments go through either Paypal or Moneybookers (Skrill). I don’t ask for payment in advance – as a matter of fact, I prefer it after the final design is approved. It takes away the inconvenience of refunds if you should decide that I may not be the best choice for your cover. However, please note that you are not allowed to use your cover for any sort of commercial purposes until the final payment is made.
Please don’t take advantage of this, though. If you’re “shopping” and “looking around” for a cover, I would greatly appreciate it if you’d let me know, as I have several commissions going on at the time.

What am I allowed to do with the cover? Are there any use restrictions?

You are allowed to use the design for commercial purposes, as well as promotional purposes.
You are not allowed to alter the design in any way, or have someone else do it without my permission, no matter how small the change is.

Using bits and pieces of the original cover is strictly forbidden without my permission. If you are changing cover designers for a series, I’m okay with the new artist matching my cover, but there is a fine line between matching and copying. Absolutely no copy/paste. Legal action will be taken if it happens. Please direct your new cover designer to this FAQ page if they have any doubts.

And finally, you are not allowed to claim the design as your own.

Please also note that there are use restrictions on the stock image purchased which can be viewed in license terms of every stock provider.

Will you do an erotica book cover for me?

Yup, and in fact, I already have done several. However, I’d like to keep it tasteful erotic and not flat out obscene. I am perfectly fine with nude models on covers, as long as it’s in good taste.

Will you do a scene cover for me?

I find that scene covers often look busy and this is not something I like to do.

I like this (attach image) cover. I want one that emulates that style.

My response to this question will most definitely be no.

Authors usually credit their cover designers, and if not, you can always ask them who did their cover. If you’d like a certain style cover, your best bet is to contact a cover designer that does it the best instead of asking someone else to do the same thing.

What happens with the designs I rejected?

I reserve the right to use them and/or elements of them in my other designs.

Do you offer pre-made covers?

You can find them right here. Make sure to check out the pricing section as well.

Can I post the mockups you make for me publicly or get a second opinion?

As far as publicly posting a mockup I’d appreciate it if you didn’t do that. A second opinion is fine, of course, so long as it’s limited to maybe one person, as anything more than that would just result in a mish-mash of different input and authors tend to get lost and unsure about their own opinions in that case. This means that if you post the mockup to your street team/support group/whatever, asking for opinions, we might end up with so many opinions the cover will be all over the place and I generally don’t approve of this.

Will you provide me with a .psd file?

In short, no. My covers contain elements (textures and fonts) I’m not licensed to share with a third party.
There are cases where your publisher will ask for a psd. In this case, have them contact me directly about it. In general, I keep the original cover files for up to three (3) years since the date the cover files were first generated.

Can I use the cover for t-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise?

It depends on the license of the photo used in the cover. In most cases, you will need an extended license for this sort of thing.
When it comes to my pre-designed covers, I ask that you DO NOT do this unless you purchase the photo yourself.

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