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Before you contact me, please read the pricing sections (premades or custom design) and FAQ as well as Terms&Conditions.


Please click here to download a cover design brief I have prepared for you. When you e-mail me, it would be good to send it all filled out.

If you have an inquiry about a pre-designed cover I will need:

  • Book title, author/pen name, and any taglines you might want to put on the front.
  • Pre-designed cover title (usually displayed as book title on the pre-designed cover :).
  • What changes you would need done to the cover. This includes font/font color changes as well as overall tone of the cover.
  • Technicalities such as trim size, paper color, page number (if applicable), which POD publisher you will be using. You do not need to have these specifics straight away, this is only if you do. If not, you can contact me at any time to adjust your paperback to your trim size and page count.
  • For more information on pre-designed covers, click here.


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