Available Pre-designed Covers

*** Payment for pre-designed covers is immediate and non-refundable. ***

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You can find the prices for pre-designed covers in Pricing section. If you want to make a purchase, please e-mail me or contact me through my Facebook page with the title of the pre-designed cover.
As a rule, if the premade is up in this gallery, the cover is still available.

All pre-designed covers are sold once only and it’s on a first come – first serve basis. That way you don’t have to worry about someone else having the exact same cover. It will never happen with my covers.

The second you make your purchase, I will take the cover off this section. Payment for pre-designed covers is immediate and non refundable. ALL PRE-DESIGNED COVER PURCHASES ARE FINAL.

I put the exact same amount of work in all of my covers – custom made or pre-designed. The only difference is that with these I get more creative freedom – without a specific story in mind.

Licensing info:
I own commercial license to use all the fonts, textures, brushes and photos used in these covers. Stock photos are purchased from Depositphotos. Sometimes I will use a photo/image/element that is licensed under a Creative Commons license for commercial use.
Whenever possible, please credit the photographer in your book.

Available Pre-designed Coversadmin